Wetland Delineation

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If we don’t find out about a restoration site setback for 6 months—that’s a problem.

Wildnote is an end-to-end, wetland delineation environmental compliance solution. Deliver faster, more accurate regulatory-compliant reports with project transparency. From mobile data collection and photo management, to frustration-free reporting, the Wildnote platform offers complete data insight and management. Take control of environmental compliance on complex construction monitoring projects. Improve efficiency by 40-80% with Wildnote’s integrated field survey data, photos, USACE-ready wetland forms and report exports.

WRA Digital Data Collection: Case Study
Wildlands Mitigation Banking: Case Study

Integrated data before, during, and after wetland delineation

Ecological Restoration and Wetlands Projects Time Line
Our suite of wetland and CRM tools help you meet CWA sections 404 and 401, the Clean Air Act, CEQA and NEPA requirements.

Field Biologist?


Restoration Specialist?

Conservation Manager?

We’ve got your back!

At Wildnote, we provide technology that not only meets your project demands, but exceeds your expectations.


Leverage our innovation with targeted features that create efficiencies for:

  • Wetland Determination
  • Stream Restoration
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Mitigation and Conservation Banking
  • Vegetation Management
  • Remediation
  • Long-term Monitoring
  • Flood Recovery & Resiliency Projects
  • Integrated Watershed Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Phase I Site Assessments
  • Soil Surveys
  • Water Sampling
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Wetland Delineation Project Savings

Typical 10-License Project Savings

Hours Saved Weekly Hours Saved Yearly* Average Pay Gross Savings Yearly Wildnote
Pro Plus 10 Annual Licenses**
Net Savings Yearly
10 Field Staff 50 hrs 2400 hrs $30/hr $72,000 $7,200 $64,800
Project Manager 8 hrs 384 hrs $37/hr $14,208 included above $14,208
Annual Photo Management $10,000 included above $10,000
Total Savings $89,008

*assumes 48 working weeks    **includes 20-hour Success Package

Key Features: Wildnote Targets Wetlands

Ready to see if Wildnote is the right partner for your organization?

Ecological Restoration & Mitigation Banking

Mitigation Banks require detailed monitoring of extensive data sets for years before and after all compensatory credits can be sold. Wildnote tools speed up and integrate the entire process so you can reach completion sooner and realize the full value of your site.

  • Lower costs by compressing the time-frame for vegetation assessments and collect data more frequently to avoid setbacks.
  • Use identical question and answer formats over time – today and 5 years from now – to create consistent data that produces meaningful metrics.
  • Keep historical data at your fingertips for ongoing comparison accuracy.
  • Satisfy Inter-agency Review Teams

Control and Integration: Web Interface and Mobile App in Tandem

Build projects on the web app
Access synched projects offline with the mobile app
Choose or create forms on the web app
Access synched forms for your project offline with the mobile app
Collect data with mobile app for exact agency export from web app
Integrate “smart search” taxonomy into your survey forms
Manage project photos in gallery view
Quick click export in a format that works for you
Exact agency PDF on web app, ready to export

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What Can Wildnote Do For You?

“Wildnote has a better photo gallery than other survey apps I’ve used. I like that I can download in batches and it has better organization and is easier to use.”   – Lynnette Batt

Reduce Paperwork Time and Volume

Wildlands is the national leader in wetland mitigation, endangered species conservation banking, habitat management, and ecosystem restoration.

Because complex ecosystems require complex documentation, Lynette Batt chose Wildnote to help her reduce paperwork and work more efficiently on Wildlands 5000-acre Sacramento River Ranch Mitigation Complex in Northern California.

Read more about Wildland’s experience with the Wildnote app in this case study >>

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You Can Bank on Our Client Success Packages

Big projects bring big rewards . . . and big challenges.

We offer thorough, focused, setup and support, tailored to the  needs of your team, project and organization. See the Professional Services section on our Features and Pricing page for:

  • Customized Asset Development
  • Platform Setup & Deployment
  • Workflow Integration & Training