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Our cloud-based, customizable platform for iOS, Android, mobile and web, streamlines the process of collecting, managing, and reporting environmental data so you can work smarter, not harder. The Wildnote team is passionate about nature, and we stand in awe of those who spend their time studying, protecting, and restoring it. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy a thriving healthy planet, so we work every day to build the best  data collection tool in existence for environmental professionals.

Environmental Technology    Beautiful | Intuitive

The advancement of mobile and cloud technologies has made pen and paper the cassette tape of data collection – bulky, unsearchable, vulnerable to damage and hard to share. As software developers, we are always pushing the boundaries of environmental technology as it evolves. As a pioneering SaaS company, we value flexibility, utility, and responsiveness, so we work closely with industry leaders to make sure we offer solutions to the problems you actually have, not the ones we think you might have.

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Leadership    Kristen Hazard | Wildnote Founder & CEO

“After earning degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Law, I became fascinated by the challenges of Silicon Valley startups and programing. I began to invest my time bridging the gap between what people wanted and the code that created it.”

By following her passion for programming, Kristen accumulated expertise in Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Web Services, which led her to start Suntoucher Software. This successful San Luis Obispo, CA company provided consulting and custom web app development services.

When powerhouse California utility PG&E needed an environmental compliance reporting application, Suntoucher built it. It was so valuable to PG&E that they started using it on a multitude of linear construction projects. Over the last five years, PG&E has utilized Kristen’s solution to submit over 50,000 reports and upload over 300,000 photos from more than 600 users from 30 companies. PG&E continues to use the application to meet its environmental compliance reporting needs.

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Mission    Protect | Enhance | Support | Innovate

During the PG&E design process, Kristen realized there was a big empty slot in the data collection toolbox for field biologists everywhere. Adept at managing software projects through the complete development lifecycle of requirements-gathering, design, development, testing, delivery and support, Kristen harnessed her dynamic problem-solving nature and assembled a team to create and grow Wildnote. During six years of nurturing, development, and testing in changing environments, Wildnote app grew into a powerful, professional platform.

First a product and now a busy woman-owned company, Wildnote Inc. serves a diverse client base working to inspect, assess, monitor, preserve and restore our land, water, air, natural ecosystems and inhabitants. In 2018, customer productivity using the Wildnote app soared. The number of surveys submitted increased by 1122%, the number of photos increased by 537%, and the number of exports increased by 261%.

Values    Freedom | The Environment | Community

Choosing to become a Benefit Corporation allows us the freedom to align our business model with our core drive to generate profit while creating a public benefit and sustainable value. Wildnote Inc. is part of the 1% for the Planet movement and financially supports The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County. Kristen also provides free JavaScript training via CodeSLO to help empower and advance women in technology. As an advisory member of the San Luis Obispo Climate Change Coalition, she works to bring Community Choice Energy to San Luis Obispo in pursuit of the City’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2035 – ten years ahead of the rest of California. Wildnote also contributes the use of its platform to academic, non-profit, and municipal Project Partners engaged in research and conservation.

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Wildnote has been recognized for its role in environmental technology, furthering sustainability and innovation, most notably with industry-specific tools that increase company productivity while lessening its environmental impact.

2019 – Pacific Coast Business Times, Central Coast Innovation Award
2019 – Government CIO Outlook, Top 10 Environmental Technology Solution Providers 2019
2018 – Cleantech Open West, Sustainability Award

“Sustainability Honor calls out and celebrates startups for exceptional integration of sustainability (environment, social, financial) into their business model, supply chain, and organizational processes and systems. Winning this honor is a testament to Wildnote’s exceptional strength in this area.” – Ian Foraker, Director, CleanTech Open, Western Region

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Wildnote Management Team

Kristen Hazard—Founder | CEO | Developer

Nancy Douglas—Sales | Customer Support

Anita Henry—Business Development | Marketing

Renee Punzi—Chief Operations Officer