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Environmental Data Collection, Management, and Reporting Simplified

Wildnote Key Features

Wildnote is the app designed for environmental consultants working on compliance, non-profits restoring our wildlands, and regulators charged with protecting our environment. It is an effective tool that streamlines the process of environmental data collection, management, and reporting. Utilizing Wildnote allows your team to work more efficiently, saving you time, effort, and money.

Native app for both iOS and Android devices – allows for offline use
Companion web app – easy project and data management
Create unlimited surveys – design new surveys or customize existing surveys
Effortless report generation – quick click to export data in various formats
Intuitive, auto-complete of common/scientific names for flora/fauna – includes critical classifications and sensitivity rankings
Robust photo management – link to supporting report, geotag photos in the field
Drop latitude and longitude point within a survey – easily search and reference survey locations
Access your data anytime, anywhere – it’s synced to the cloud in a highly-secured environment

30-Day Free Trial

“I would estimate that for most employees utilizing Wildnote, we are saving 30-60 minutes per day on reporting. Likely much more time than that on photo management since the photos are going directly into the report.”

 – K2 Environmental



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comprehensive solution


Achieving more with less effort is about utilizing the right tool for the job. Wildnote is a customizable efficiency app that results in more productivity, higher quality work, stronger competitive bidding, increased profit, and on-target budgets – the right tool for the environmental services industry.

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