Construction Compliance and Environmental Monitoring

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Wildnote delivers software solutions for environmental regulatory compliance, monitoring, remediation, and restoration on large-scale infrastructure projects. Our tools are key to ensuring accurate data that’s available on time and on budget. Avoid costly delays and notices of violation while meeting the demands of your boss, clients, regulators, and subcontractors alike.

Integrated data before, during, and after construction

Wildnote provides easy reporting to help you meet Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and CEQA/NEPA requirements.

Field biologist?

Project manager?

Division head?

We’ve got your back!

At Wildnote, we provide technology that not only meets your project demands, but exceeds your expectations.


Leverage our innovation with targeted features that create efficiencies for:

  • Utilities
  • Remediation and Restoration
  • Superfund Sites
  • Water Resources
  • Renewable Energy Resource Compliance and Siting
  • Biological Surveyors/Monitoring
  • SWPPP Development & Compliance
  • Aviation Operations
  • Safety Management, Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Hazardous Waste/Materials

Projected Savings at a Glance

Hours Saved Weekly Hours Saved Yearly* Average Pay Gross Savings Yearly Wildnote
Pro Plus 21 Licenses**
Net Savings Yearly
20 Field Staff 100 hrs 4800 hrs $30/hr $144,000 $13,800 $130,200
Project Manager 8 hrs 384 hrs $37/hr $14,208 included above $14,208
Total Savings $144,408

*assumes 48 working weeks    **includes 20-hour Success Package

Key Features: Wildnote Targets Compliance and Monitoring

Ready to see if Wildnote is the right partner for your organization?

Control and Integration: Web Interface and Mobile App in Tandem

View the photo and data gallery by project.
Export data and photos in a variety of formats, including report form (PDF) and Excel.
The mobile app interface provides for easy entry of field data.

Click on the white square in the top-right of any image for a full-screen view.

What Can Wildnote Do For You?

“Our client loves it and is considering requiring their other contractors to adopt Wildnote. They like the uniformity of the reports and we’ve been able to save them money, so it makes us more competitive.” – Jason Caskey, Caskey Biological

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Caskey Biological Consulting, LLC (CBC) conducts studies for pipelines, oil and gas exploration, wind farms, utility lines, highways, and other project types throughout the United States.

Jason Caskey estimates that each user in the field saves about an hour per day while he further saves 10-12 hours each week on administrative tasks. That translates into financial savings of $900-$1100 per week for his time and roughly $5000 per week for the field biologists.

Read more about Caskey Biological’s experience with the Wildnote app in this case study >>

“I would estimate that for most employees utilizing Wildnote, we are saving up to an hour per day on reporting. Likely much more time than that on photo management since the photos are going directly into the report.”  – Maria Britton, K2 Environmental Consulting

Satisfy Stakeholders

K2 Environmental provides environmental compliance inspection and construction support services to energy industries.

By switching to Wildnote, they gained increased efficiency that allows them to deliver a better product, increase job satisfaction, and save money all at the same time.

Read more about K2 Environmental’s experience with the Wildnote app in this case study >>

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We Build Client Success Packages

Big projects bring big rewards . . . and big challenges.

We offer thorough, focused, setup and support, tailored to the  needs of your team, project and organization. See the Professional Services section on our Features and Pricing page for:

  • Customized Asset Development
  • Platform Setup & Deployment
  • Workflow Integration & Training