Cultural Resource Management

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“When my people can’t keep up with reporting and deliver on time because they’re buried under transcription and photo management – that’s a problem.”

Wildnote brings speed and accuracy to Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management, site documentation, compliance, and reporting. Say goodbye to your photo management headaches; speed through shovel test documentation. CRM-specific features also integrate seamlessly with our biological assessment, wetland, and construction compliance tools for a single-app solution across disciplines. Developed by technology experts in conjunction with industry archaeologists, your data remains confidential.

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Integrated data at every phase of your archaeological project

Cultural Resource Management Project Flow
Wildnote provides easy reporting to help you meet Section 106, NEPA, NHPA, FERC, and relevant state regulations.

Field Technician?

Crew Chief?

Principal Investigator?

Project Manager?

We’ve got your back!

At Wildnote, we provide technology that not only meets your project demands, but exceeds your expectations.


We’ve developed a suite of 48 CRM-specific forms and exports to aid in all phases of archaeological project management:

  • Photograph Logs and Pages
  • Administrative Forms including Per Diem and Time Sheets
  • A suite of standard archaeology forms
  • California DPR Site Forms
  • Nevada IMACS Site Forms
  • Utah Site Forms
  • Cultural Monitoring
  • UAV Operations
  • Safety
  • FCC 620/621
  • Excavation Level and Feature forms
  • Shovel Testing

Projected Savings at a Glance

Key Features: Wildnote Targets Cultural Resource Management

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Control and Integration: Web Interface and Mobile App in Tandem

Build projects on the web app
Access synched projects offline with the mobile app
Choose or create forms on the web app
Access synched forms for your project offline with the mobile app
Collect data with mobile app for exact agency export from web app
Exact agency PDF on web app, ready to export
Manage project photos in gallery view

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What Can Wildnote Do For You?

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“Wildnote is a business-based solution for this industry. You become more competitive on proposals and more profitable at the same time, which is a win-win.” – Luke Carretta

Increase Speed, Accuracy and Utility

Morton Archaeological Research Services provides cultural resource management, preservation, and historic documentation across New York State. Luke Carretta, forward thinking archaeologist and crew chief, knows that success depends on integrating new technology.

Read more about Morton Archaeological’s experience with the Wildnote app in this case study >>

The cultural resource management process close up, showing a hole 2 feet deep with shovel about to lift soil out in search of significant artifact clusters.

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Big projects bring big rewards . . . and big challenges.

We offer thorough, focused, setup and support, tailored to the  needs of your team, project and organization. See the Professional Services section on our Features and Pricing page for:

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