An adult mountain lion is mid-stride while nearly finished crossing a two-lane road with double yellow centerline. The road is bordered by a steep hillside covered with large mounds of grasses.

Data-driven Wildlife Crossings Protect and Expand Genetic Diversity for Mountain Lions

Best Practices Elevate Wildlife Crossings Dr. Winston Vickers is doing more than trying to save a few isolated populations of mountain lions in southern California, USA. He’s pairing hard science and data in an effort to establish and share best practices…
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Closeup of wildebeest herd on the tanzania plains.

Monitoring Wildlife from Space – We Can Do That! Technology opens up new avenues for research.

What do slime mold, ants, and fish have in common? Their collective movement patterns have all been surveyed and studied. Now that modern aerial viewing technology has liberated us from the lab, we can add wildebeest to that list! Most…
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Three Easy Ways to Export Your Photos in Wildnote

One of the most helpful features Wildnote offers is our robust photo management. We’ve listened to our customers, and developed an understanding of your frustrations associated with project photo management – the precious hours taken in associating photos with reports,…
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CNPS Works To Bring Awareness To California Prairies

Our beautiful state of California offers unique wildlife and environmental diversity. From the redwoods, to the chaparral, California contains one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity in the world. Environmental conservation, therefore, remains the crucial and prevalent environmental concern of…
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Environmental Monitoring: Fish Population Provides Litmus Test

Steelhead Trout are the litmus test when conducting environmental monitoring to assess the health of San Luis Obispo (SLO) County’s watershed. Without doubt, the depletion of the trout foreshadows broader wildlife threats. Field biologist, Freddy Otte, spearheads municipal environmental compliance…
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