screen shot of wildnote mobile app showing data collection for cultural resources management overlayed on image of a person excavating an artifact with a trowel

Wildnote Delivers Ready-to-Use Cultural Resources Management Forms and Exports

Calling all Cultural Resources Managers and field staff (aka shovelbums): Wildnote has just released a suite of 48 CRM forms and exports that can ease your evolution into digital recording and reporting. We believe that just because you record the past,…
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Smiling man and woman sitting at a dining table

Chris Webster, Archaeology Technology Specialist

Bringing Technology to Archaeology, and Archaeology to Technology Wildnote’s resident archaeology expert, Chris Webster, is passionate about helping professional archaeologists integrate new technology into their practices. “I‘ve always been the kind of person to try to find more efficient ways…
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shows Wildnote Inc's 2017 Q1 to Q4 growth

Focus on Features – Our Technology Branches Out

What’s new, what’s improved, and what’s in the pipeline for 2018 Digital technology makes environmental work easier, and that technology is improving every day. Wildnote’s platform and functionality keeps improving, always with the goal of bringing the environmental community the…
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Wildnote Makes Tedious Government Forms a Little Bit Easier

As a tech company that loves the environment and those who care for it, Wildnote is adding a Government Agency Required-Form Export feature to make your work easier. We started with the USACE Wetland Data Determination Form and will soon tackle…
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Automate repetitive tasks. Be more efficient, accurate, and competitive.

Wildnote is a configurable software-as-a-service (SaaS) environmental consulting automation platform that helps you become more competitive, efficient, and profitable. We offer annual subscriptions with pricing based on the number of full-year and seasonal licenses, customizations, and support required.