Wildnote Delivers Ready-to-Use Cultural Resources Management Forms and Exports

Calling all Cultural Resources Managers and field staff (aka shovelbums): Wildnote has just released a suite of 48 CRM forms and exports that can ease your evolution into digital recording and reporting. We believe that just because you record the past, doesn’t mean you have to live in it! We are very fortunate to have digital data collection pioneer, Chris Webster, a CRM archaeologist with DIGTECH and the Archaeology Podcast Network on our staff guiding the development of these new CRM tools. He has put countless hours into designing and testing forms and quality assuring the state agency exports. The Photo Sheet and Photo Log alone will save you countless hours, and we even have a FCC 620/621 form.

You’ll have access to the entire California DPR 523 set of forms with specific exports in the required state agency format, Utah state forms, Nevada state forms, standard excavation forms, and 11 other archaeology standard forms that will ease your work in most states. To see the entire list, sign up for your free 30-day Wildnote trial. Start up is quick and the process is straightforward: copy the forms you need from the Wildnote library into your project, sync your mobile devices, collect your field data offline, sync collected data, then export in the format your data requires.

But don’t just take our word for it, read how Luke Carretta of Morton Archaeology in New York has been using Wildnote to digitally record his shovel tests and how much time he is saving.

Below are screenshots of just a few of the forms available on the Wildnote platform. Ready to give this a try? Sign up here. Would you like to speak to a real person about your particular project needs? Email Chris Webster at chris@wildnoteapp.com.

wildnote web app screen shot of a portion of the california dpr 253 primary record form
Portion of a California DPR 523 Primary Record.
wildnote web app screen shot of a portion of the dpr complete site export for the california primary record
Example of a complete California DPR Site Export
screen shot of cwildnote rm photo log form
Portion of a CRM Photo Log.
wildnote web app screen shot of cultural resources management shovel test form
Portion of the standard shovel test form.



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