One large tree is standing tall above smaller trees in the foreground. A mountain with snow on the top is in the background

Outdoor Afro Takes Environmental Leadership to New Heights On Mount Kilimanjaro

First U.S. All-Black Expedition To Ascend Mount Kilimanjaro In June Rue Mapp just wanted to have fun outdoors. When she couldn’t find a peer group to play with, she created one! Her natural spirit of leadership gave birth to Outdoor Afro, “a…
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Building In Resiliency – Cities use land use policies to take the lead.

Mother Nature always bats last. And wherever humans decide to live or work, she demands we consider prevention, protection, and resiliency from her mighty swing. Environmental consultants continually work to provide accurate data and sound science to help planners build…
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Automate repetitive tasks. Be more efficient, accurate, and competitive.

Wildnote is a configurable software-as-a-service (SaaS) environmental consulting automation platform that helps you become more competitive, efficient, and profitable. We offer annual subscriptions with pricing based on the number of full-year and seasonal licenses, customizations, and support required.