Wildnote Poised to Go Big!

Best In Class Platform for Environmental Compliance is now Powered By Techstars How do you take a great idea to an IPO? If you’re lucky, you put your company through The Heritage Group Accelerator Powered by Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator. Wildnote…
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Wildnote Named Top 10 Environmental Technology Solution Provider for 2019

Awards, Accolades, and a New Design Wildnote Inc. of San Luis Obispo, CA has been honored for industry leadership with awards for sustainability and innovation. The company’s award winning mobile data technology and platform was created to solve inefficiencies of…
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laptop, mobile phone, notebook and glass of water sitting on wooden desk

Environmental Data Collection Apps – 10 Essential Questions

Investigating a new platform or technology to collect, manage, and report environmental data can seem daunting. One size rarely fits all, especially with mobile data collection apps on the rise in every industry segment – from compliance through restoration. You’ll…
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An adult mountain lion is mid-stride while nearly finished crossing a two-lane road with double yellow centerline. The road is bordered by a steep hillside covered with large mounds of grasses.

Data-driven Wildlife Crossings Protect and Expand Genetic Diversity for Mountain Lions

Best Practices Elevate Wildlife Crossings Dr. Winston Vickers is doing more than trying to save a few isolated populations of mountain lions in southern California, USA. He’s pairing hard science and data in an effort to establish and share best practices…
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One large tree is standing tall above smaller trees in the foreground. A mountain with snow on the top is in the background

Outdoor Afro Takes Environmental Leadership to New Heights On Mount Kilimanjaro

First U.S. All-Black Expedition To Ascend Mount Kilimanjaro In June Rue Mapp just wanted to have fun outdoors. When she couldn’t find a peer group to play with, she created one! Her natural spirit of leadership gave birth to Outdoor Afro, “a…
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Smiling man and woman sitting at a dining table

Chris Webster, Archaeology Technology Specialist

Bringing Technology to Archaeology, and Archaeology to Technology Wildnote’s resident archaeology expert, Chris Webster, is passionate about helping professional archaeologists integrate new technology into their practices. “I‘ve always been the kind of person to try to find more efficient ways…
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shows Wildnote Inc's 2017 Q1 to Q4 growth

Focus on Features – Our Technology Branches Out

What’s new, what’s improved, and what’s in the pipeline for 2018 Digital technology makes environmental work easier, and that technology is improving every day. Wildnote’s platform and functionality keeps improving, always with the goal of bringing the environmental community the…
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Automate repetitive tasks. Be more efficient, accurate, and competitive.

Wildnote is a configurable software-as-a-service (SaaS) environmental consulting automation platform that helps you become more competitive, efficient, and profitable. We offer annual subscriptions with pricing based on the number of full-year and seasonal licenses, customizations, and support required.